Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mini Matchbox Art Journal (Part I)

The other day I was looking at an empty cigarette pack when it hit me, make a few cuts and this would make the perfect matchbox mini! What a perfect way to make something disgusting into something beautiful.


I did not actually use the cigarette pack, but it did inspire the measurements for the matchbox I did make.


Watercolor Outside Piece:

5 ¾” Long Scored at 2 ½” and 3 ¼”
4 ¼” Wide Scored at ¾” and 3 ½”

Black Cardstock Drawer Piece:

4” x 4” scored at ¾” on all sides

It's called "Little Talks" because I plan to fill the mini journal with a few positive affirmations. We all have those little talks with ourselves, be it positive or negative. I want to fill it with all the positive little talks I should be having with myself on a daily basis.
Be sure to keep an eye out for Part II, where I add and embellish the mini art journal that goes inside the box!

Supplies Used:
Cold Press Watercolor Paper:
Black Cardstock:
Deli Paper:
Darice Plastic Canvas “Round”: (the link is for a smaller size circle than theone I use, but it’s all the same)
Golden Fluid Acrylic in “Hansa Yellow Medium”:
Dina Wakley “Affirmations” Stencil:
Americana Neon in “Sizzling Pink”:
Golden Acrylic in “Fluorescent Magenta”:
Ronda Palazzari Stencil “The Story”:
Dina Wakley Stamp Set “Collaged Heart”:
8” x 10” Gelli Plate:
Liquitex Ink in Titanium White:
Dr. Ph Martin's India Ink in “Yellow Ochre”:
Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Ink Set of 12 (Set 2):
Dina Wakley Matte Gel Medium:
Balck and white mini alphabets stickers: (similiar but not the same as theones used in the video)
Tim Holtz Rose Resin Heirloom Roses:
Items Used For (most) Every Project:
Mine Moleskine Art Journal:
Strathmore Visual Journal (Mixed Media Vellum):
Dina Wakley Paint Brushes:
Dina Wakley Gel Medium:
Ranger CraftMat Non-Stick Work Surface:
Black Watercolor Pencil:
Stabilo Marks-All Pencil:
Collage Pauge:
Plastic Palette Knives:
Darice Heating Tool:
Golden Gesso:
Project Life Date Stamp:
Black Staz-On Ink Pad:
Fude-Ball Pen 1.5mm:
Thanks for looking!
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