Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mini Moleskine Art Journal Page #2 - "Compliments"

It has been awhile since I pulled out my Mini Moleskine Art Journal. I just love the size. I can quickly ::cough, cough:: make a page or two and call it done.

In my Mini Moleskine I usually make fairly simple pages. That is why there usually aren't process videos for them. This double page spread is different. It took me almost 2 hours to complete!

Be sure to check out the process video to find out how I made these pages as well as all the supplies I used. Video below the photos.

Thanks for looking!

YouTube Process Video:

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mini Art Journal Page - "Fixing an Un-Liked Page"

Notice this is called 'Fixing an Un-liked Page' and not 'Fixing a Bad Page'. That is because I believe there are no bad pages. Even if it is the ugliest thing you think you have ever seen it still taught you something. It taught you what not to do again.

That is how I feel about this page. It's ugly and plain, but at least I know I will never make a page in this style again. I finally decided to re-do this page and I like it much, much better now. I know I covered up my journaling, but it wasn't something I was keeping to document. It was journaling just to get some thoughts out of my head, so it doesn't matter that they are covered up now.

If you are trying to fix a page of your own and there is a part of it you like, you could just work around that area. You don't have to cover up the entire thing like I did. On the left, I was practicing hand lettering which I am much better at now so it doesn't matter that it got covered up. But I could have just worked around it if I had decided to keep it.

This page starts out with different colored paints, then some washi tape and some stenciling. So, basically my solution to fixing an un-liked page is to cover it up with a crap ton of different colored paints. Haha. I pretty much went at this page like it was a blank surface because I didn't care what got covered up.

To see how I fixed this page into something I now love, check out my process video on Youtube:

Thanks for looking!

Mini Art Journal Page - 'Understanding'

This is a page done in my mini moleskine art journal. It is the perfect size for quick art journaling.

This page started out with modeling paste thru a Dina Wakley stencil and then some ink sprays.

To see the entire process start to finish, check out my YouTube video which is below the pictures.

Thanks for looking!

YouTube Process Video:

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Art Journal Page - 'Round here

This is a page from my small Dylusions journal.

It started out with a small bamboo paintbrush and using India Ink I wrote all over the entire background.

Then I covered the entire thing with a light coat of gesso, just to tone down the writing a bit.

Then I used a stencil and some Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Spray on the to half of the page. I masked of the bottom of the stencil so it made a sort of half-circle just on the top part of the page.

On the bottom half, I used purple acrylic paint and a pallet knife to scrape down.

Finally, I took a small stamp that says 'around here' and called it down.

Simple, but I like it.
Thanks for looking!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Mini Art Journal Page - Clearly Bold

Here is a page done in my mini moleskine art journal. The pages are about 3x5" so it is the perfect size for quick creating.
I actually made this page in 15 mins the morning we left for vacation!
Process Video for this Page:

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Index Card Art - Use Your Scraps

If you are like me, you have a ton of scraps from projects that you just cannot part with. I save every little bit and piece. The problem is, I end with all these bits and they never get used because it is just too much to go through. If I need a scrap, I'll cut into a new piece of paper because it is easier.

So, I decided to try to use up these scraps. This past week, I put every scrap into a bin. Then at the end of the week, I made a project using those scraps. Let me tell you, it felt good and I will be dong this more often.

This is the index card I made using my scraps.

The process video showing exactly how I made it as well as all the products used is below the photo.

Thanks for looking!
YouTube Process Video:

Art Journal Page #41 - Dylusions Paints

I have to confess: when I first got the Dylusions Paints, I didn't like them. I think it was because I am used to and love using heavy body paints. The Dylusions paints are extremely thin. Runny, even.
After doing some playing and experimenting, now I love them. While you can apply them with a paintbrush, I found a makeup sponge or a blending tool works best to get those colors well blended. Oh, and a little goes a looooong way.
So, here is my latest journal page using these paints along with some Dylusion Spray Inks and Distress Spray Stains.
To see exactly how I made this page and all the supplies used, please watch the YouTube video at the bottom of this post. 

YouTube Process Video:
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Art Journal Page - Gorilla on tour

Here is an art journal page I did some time ago. I used Dina Wakley Media Paints and stencils. I also did some collaging with an image I cut from a Lush catalog. His headpiece is made from a piece of Gelli printed music paper.
Here is the process video for this page!

Art Journal Page - Nebula

Here is an art journal page that does not have a video, but not for my lack of trying. I created this page and then re-created it only to have both attempts fail due to technical difficulties. I figured instead of trying to film a 3rd video, I would just share it on here.

 First Attempt
 Second Attempt
All the detail shots below are taken from the first attempted page.

Here are photos of the supplies I used:
 I used my fave Dina Wakley Media paintbrushes. They have a thick bristle that I love. I added a small bit of Tim Holtz Tissue Paper in the background, although you can hardly see it in the end. I also used some stamps hand-carved out of an eraser. All paint colors are listed two photos below.
 For the tag, I used a stencil like an embossing folder to get some texture on my tag. I also added my journaling with a typewriter.
Journaling in pen was done with a FudeBall pen. It draws a fabulous thick line that writes on top of acrylic paint beautifully.
I also added washi around the edges of the tag so it stood out from the background.
The paint used are:
 Liquitex Basics in Mars Black, Titanium White & Bright Aqua Green.
Golden Heavy Body in Crimson Red, Turquois (phthalo) & Fluorescent Magenta.
Golden Fluids in Hansa Yellow Medium & Quinacridone Nickle Azo Gold.