Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mini Art Journal Page - "Fixing an Un-Liked Page"

Notice this is called 'Fixing an Un-liked Page' and not 'Fixing a Bad Page'. That is because I believe there are no bad pages. Even if it is the ugliest thing you think you have ever seen it still taught you something. It taught you what not to do again.

That is how I feel about this page. It's ugly and plain, but at least I know I will never make a page in this style again. I finally decided to re-do this page and I like it much, much better now. I know I covered up my journaling, but it wasn't something I was keeping to document. It was journaling just to get some thoughts out of my head, so it doesn't matter that they are covered up now.

If you are trying to fix a page of your own and there is a part of it you like, you could just work around that area. You don't have to cover up the entire thing like I did. On the left, I was practicing hand lettering which I am much better at now so it doesn't matter that it got covered up. But I could have just worked around it if I had decided to keep it.

This page starts out with different colored paints, then some washi tape and some stenciling. So, basically my solution to fixing an un-liked page is to cover it up with a crap ton of different colored paints. Haha. I pretty much went at this page like it was a blank surface because I didn't care what got covered up.

To see how I fixed this page into something I now love, check out my process video on Youtube:

Thanks for looking!

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